What is JAR.MA ?

JAR.MA is a free URL shortening service that let you shorten links in order to share it easily over the net. When you make a short URL using JAR.MA, you can customize, track and monitor it in the stats viewer web page. The stats page include geo and referal targeting for your short URL during the past 24H, past 7 or 30 days. And this is all free.

Can I customize my short URL ?

Yes. After generating a short URL, you need to set a password in order to benefit from customizing and monitoring your new short link.

Do I have to set a password for my short URL ?

You need to set a password for your short URL only if you want to customize and monitor it (view stats). If you chose to not set a password, your short link will work normal but the clicks will not generate stats.

What are the term of service ?

JAR.MA is a free service provided as is without any kind of warranty and we reserve the right to deactivate any short URL that may abuse the service or harm people.

What about privacy policy ?

JAR.MA store only your IP address when creating a new short URL and when accessing the view stats page. It also store a session cookie to avoid login in again and again. That's it !

I have an other question that is not answered here.

Please feel free to click on the contact link below and write us, we'll be happy to answer your question ;)